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September 2015

Earlier this year, our partners FELEMAMG  supplied a magnetic separation facility for a steel making slag treatment plant in the south of Spain to a relevant steel maker group. The equipment provided is composed by a permanent magnetic drum separator made of ferrite magnets in a long reach circuit, a vibrating feeder and a cover.  The magnetic drum supplied is fed by a vibrating feeder with wide dimensions in order to be able to process the relevant material flow that it is needed to be treated. The vibrating feeder included in the equipment distributes the slag over the drum surface improving the material recovery rates as the contact surface is increased.  


July 2015

We are extremely pleased to announce that MC&D has been renewed as the National maintenance contractor for one of the largest waste recyling companies in the UK.   The organisation has Materials Recycling Facilities thoughout the UK and it is our responsibilty to ensure that maximum efficiency in separation is maintained.


December 2015

FELEMAMG has collaborated with one of the biggest steel mill producers in the world, sited in the state of Tultitlán, Mexico, upgrading the manufacturing line by supplying three installations. Each installation is composed by one telescopic beam with 4 electromagnets type “FSRV”specially designed to handle bundles (profiles bundles, corrugated rods, etc).


July 2014

Due to an increase in business and the need for more working space, MCD moved to larger newer premises in Cannock.


June 2014

MC&D secured a national service contract with a major structural steel manufacturer based in North Yorkshire.


January 2016

MC&D secured a national service contract for the lifting magnets for a major structural steel manufacturer based in South Yorkshire.


June 2013

MC&D and GTS supply Thirteen 30kW Gensets to a major slab handling company on a busy port in the NE of England.


June 2012

GTS (Germany) the supplier of one of the highest quality magnet generator systems in the world has chosen MC &D to be their working parner in the UK.


June 2016

MC&D provided and installed a GTS Genset and magnet lifting sytem for an aluminium processing, recycling and manufacturing firm in the Midlands.


November 2018

MC&D as been approved for a nationwide Service Level Agrrement to a major UK wide scrap hadling organisation. We are extremely pleased to be working as a partner with this prestigious company.


March 2020

MC&D has become a member of the National Federation Small Businesses (FSB).