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Supply, installation and servicing of industrial magnet systems

Melroma is a family run business specialising in the sales, supply, servicing and commissioning of industrial magnet systems using the highest quality equipment available to the industry.  We operate within the scrap and materials handling, and the waste recycling industries.

Magnet systems:

Melroma is one of the UK's foremost industrial magnet suppliers.  We supply GTS generators and magnet systems to the national recycling and materials handling sectors.

Magnet maintenance:

Based in the West Midlands, Melroma holds prestigious maintenance contracts with blue-chip companies throughout the UK and worldwide.  Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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  • Scrap handling magnets

  • Overband permanent/electro magnets

  • Eddy current separation

  • Drum and pulley permanent/electro magnets

Industrial magnets for the recycling industry:

Magnets for the material handling Industry:

  • Plate handling

  • Section handling

  • Billet/Slab handling

  • Re-bar bundles  

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