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State of the art control systems for heavy duty industrial magnets

Magnet control systems for the UK market by GTS Generators

Based in Cannock in the West Midlands, Melroma is the sole UK and Ireland agent for GTS equipment, including the iMapla system which is the most modern, up-to date generating equipment for the industrial magnet market, and is the industry leader within the scrap metal and recycling industry.

Increase your productivity and reduce costs with a modern magnet control system from Melroma of Cannock, serving the UK and Ireland

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GTS have developed a cutting edge electronic system to control heavy duty magnets, which have traditionally been notoriously difficult to effectively operate. The old, DC powered magnet control systems, used outdated technology, resulting in ever-increasing maintenance and high expenditure on spare parts.


The new electronic switching of the magnet power offers the benefit of choice, allowing controlled separation of light and heavy scrap.   Performance of the magnet can be increased by as much as 15%, resulting in greater productivity, a reduction in lifting operations and overall cost saving.

Increase productivity and save money

Benefits of the iMapla system:

  • No fuses in the power circuit

  • Shuts down when cables are damaged, repair the cable and start the machine

  • Shuts down when the magnet goes faulty, repair the magnet and start the machine

  • Protects against the wrong magnet being connected to the system

  • Protects against earth or water faults destroying the electronic controller

  • Easy to install, a true "Plug & Play" system, no specialists required

  • Can be driven by belts off the engine or by hydraulics

  • A range to suit all needs up to 35kW magnets


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