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GTS Generator for Paver Machine

Model number DWG (BL-4). 10 kW (on 3 phase), 4kW (on 1 phase).  To fit Ammann AFW350e or similar.

Paver Gene


GTS 13kW iMapla Generator for Magnet Equipment

Model number DWG (BL-4). 13kW, 230 V, 56.5 A.  Can be supplied with or without controller switchbox and MMI.

13 kw iMapla


Scrap Handling Magnet

Fully refurbished and tested, 36" Witton Kramer scrap handling magnet. No chains at present but could be supplied if required.  Weight 800KG.  Power ratings, RW=5.6kW, Voltage=220V DC, Amps 25.5.

Witton Kramer Magnet